Swimming Pool Upgrades

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Repair and Maintenance of the OBHS Swimming Pool.

In these days of declining  education resources, the swimming pool is a major asset to the OBHS campus, setting it apart from most Otago high schools. However, the OBHS swimming pool is badly in need of roof repairs and stuctural upgrades, including ventilation to enable its year-round use. It is the Foundation's intent that money be raised to complete these works and contribute to the pool's ongoing maintenance costs.

The pool is used for learning to swim, water safety, kayaking skills and recreation. The recent swimming successes in the New Zealand National Swimming Championships (2021) is a testament to the importance of the facility in the boys' ongoing sporting achievements and the recognition of their school. Your contribution to this project fund ensures that the asset is protected for future Otago boys.

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All donations are tax-free and directly help to bring new facilities and programs to the next generation of Otago Boys’.