School House Redevelopment

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Contribute to the phased redevelopment of our boarding facility, School House, to provide outstanding living and recreation environments for our boarding students.

School House has been an important and dynamic part of Otago Boys’ High School since 1871. On its present site at 25 Melrose Street it has housed generations of students, typically from the  Otago/Southland region, since 1984.  However, the upkeep of the facilities has been challenging and the present facility is tired and in need of much love and attention.  The School Board has resolved to undertake a phased redevelopment of School House at its present site.

The first phase will include a:

  • major upgrade to the Melrose Street entrance
  • new building at 17A Melrose Street incorporating communal lounge and spaces for study and recreation
  • new entry area, reception and study prep space
  • new central green space and refurbishment of the existing central building
  • hard surface recreation and sports area
  • refurbishment of the Hawthorne Dormitory

The Foundation is excited about working with the School to realise this vision and is interested to partner with individuals and organisations who may wish to contribute.

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All donations are tax-free and directly help to bring new facilities and programs to the next generation of Otago Boys’.


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This project has currently raised 4% of its target.